What we offer?

We are a group of lovers of the sea and sailing that we offer you modern ships, always in perfect condition, so you wont have to worry about anything, just enjoy the pleasure of sailing.

Sailing club

It is proven that an owner navigates his ship just 20 days a year. However, it faces financial commitments and concerns...

Charter services

In addition to the Sailing Club, you can rent the boats for days, weeks or weekends, with or without a skippe, we schedule special departures dates...

New boats Dufour

Nautica4U is dealer of DUFOUR Yachts in Valencia. Get on board and enjoy a unique experience with our boats! ...


Sailing Club

Our sailing club is the most rational and economical enjoy sailing, with all its advantages and none of its drawbacks, at an affordable price. For a little more than one usual rent for one week in the high season you dispose of a ship for at least 51 days in a year.

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The ultimate sailing pleasure

50 years of passion

Michel Dufour, an engineer with a love of sailing, founded his shipyard in La Rochelle, France back in 1964. He owes his success to his keen intuition. He was convinced that new technologies and new materials would transform sailing. But sailing has always continued to be embodiment of the pioneering, adventurous spirit; the pinnacle of pleasure.
This vision continues to drive Dufour Yachts. Its innovative models push the envelope, offering an unequalled sailing experience.

nautica4U | Dufour Dealer

nautica4U is dealer of Dufour sailboats in Valencia, and has incredible boats with all the comforts to sail at your way. Top quality materials and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the Dufour boats. Its interior carpentry is made of noble woods, solid materials, warm and durable, and its lighting is optimal for maximum comfort on board.

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